Even as a reigning pop princess, 'So What' songstress Pink is one tough cookie. So of course, the same attitude applies to her cig-chuffin' character Carolyn in the 2007 horror flick 'Catacombs.'

Pink is actually credited as Alecia Moore, aka her real name (*GASP!*), and acts opposite Shannyn Sossamon in the claustrophobic, skeleton-filled clip. Like many of its predeccessors, 'Catacombs' has that classic European-trip-gone-terribly-wrong structure, combined with a bit of psychological trippy-ness as well. Let's just say things do not end well for Ms. Moore and her gaggle of party goers within the winding, underground, Parisian tomb.

Watch Pink in the Official 'Catacombs' Trailer