Miley Cyrus never fails to entertain, even if it's a humiliating wardrobe malfunction or a hilarious (failed) attempt to convince us she can't name the members of One Direction (these headlines just in the past couple of days!).

But in a new seven-minute video, Miley tops even herself, dishing all sorts of fun tidbits about her sense of style with Harper’s Bazaar executive editor Laura Brown -- even shocking the interviewer by donning her "chill grill."

"I've got three [grills]," Miley says, taking them out of her bag and putting them on one by one. "Here's my plain gold. This when I'm trying just trying to be chill, I'm trying to blend in."

She also revealed a deep-dark secret of her 'Hannah Montana' hair.

"I have 350 extensions in my hair," Miley said when shown an old cover of Harper's Bazaar featuring her long, flowing locks of yore. "It wasn't real. None of it was ever real. That was not growing out of my head."

But Miley's most fun revelation? She's a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen superfan! "I've been obsessed with the Olsen twins since I was 5. I've seen every movie; literally, you could ask me any movie, and I've seen all of them."

No, she just can't stop bringing the fun -- watch the full interview above!