Apparently, Miley Cyrus hasn't learned a thing from Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Anne Hathaway. The singer suffered a horrific wardrobe malfunction in London this weekend, and she couldn't stop herself from showing a little too much.

The 'We Can't Stop' singer was wearing waaaaaaaaaaaaay-too-short shorts and ended up enduring a front wedgie, thus exposing her private parts. This was not camel toe. This was a full-on flash of an area most mannered ladies like to keep covered. Sure, it was an accident, but when you wear shorts that teeny tiny, you are almost asking for a photo to be splashed all over the media.

Cyrus was out with Nicole Scherzinger on Saturday (July 20), leaving Cirque le Soir when the paps snapped her lady parts. That was seriously maj.

We love Miley -- and her binged out necklaces and Celine handbag -- but do we really want to see all that?! That's real estate reserved for her fiance -- if that's still what he is -- Liam Hemsworth.

Another angle of Miley's fashion oopsie is below, but censored. It's a lot of thigh and dangerously revealing.

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And this is the outfit without her flashing some major skin. The shorts are really short and the top has a LOT of volume, so much so that it looks like a skirt over her shorts or something.

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