Sweden is the land of pop greatness, and Nova Miller is one of the most promising acts poised to break next from the country...and also definitive proof that there's something in the water in Stockholm.

Having grown up in a musical home, she's a skilled guitar and piano player, and also happens to be a dancer. Armed with a big, bright radio-ready voice — she cites Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars as influences — Nova recently inked a deal with Universal. She's already made early fans out of some major pop acts already, including Magic! and John Legend, and she's heading off to LA to record her upcoming debut this summer.

Oh, and did we mention she's, um...13 years old?

"School girl by day, pop star by afternoon!" explains her mentor/manager/pop star in her own right, Lolene. Age really ain't nothing but a number!

To kick off her burgeoning pop career, the young singer is releasing her soaring debut single, "Supernova," this month. The self-emmpowering single is a ray of Swede-pop sunshine, full of soaring hooks and sweet words to fend off all the haters. "Take that pain and turn it inside out / Let it start a fire inside of you now," she encourages on the earnest anthem, which sparkles like a sunny early '00's Hilary Duff gem. Shine bright like a supernova!

Not only does her pop already sound super promising, but she's still so young. Are we witnessing the birth of the world's next big pop sensation? Stay tuned.

Listen to a preview below, and make sure to tune into PopCrush Nights tonight around 9 PM local time to hear the US radio debut of "Supernova."

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