Now that the 'Pretty Little Liars' spin-off 'Ravenswood' has been canceled, what is the fate of the show's star Caleb, played by Tyler Blackburn?

Read on to find out if he will return to the show and in turn to reunite Haleb (which, let's be honest, would be the best ever).

No worries Caleb fans, according to a source for ABC Family, while nothing is 100 percent set in stone, the creators of both the original show and its spin-off hope to have Blackburn return to 'PLL.'

If Haleb does not reunite, we will be ruined forever. Thankfully, producer Marlene King says when it comes to Haleb, we should never say never.

To tide you over until that beautiful day comes, the newest episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' airs tomorrow (Feb. 18) on ABC Family at 8PM ET.