Warning: Pretty Little Liars 7A finale spoilers ahead.

We got the second-to-last jaw dropping Pretty Little Liars finale we'll ever see on Tuesday night (August 31), when Freeform aired PLL's Season 7A summer finale. Show runner I. Marlene King had promised "the most spectacular death of any character on the show," and while three characters' lives hung in the balance by the end — Toby, his poor fiancee Yvonne and Spencer, uh, Hastings — one person definitely did NOT fake their own death. Not unless master mask crafter Uber A has also figured out how to animate a living, decapitate-able dummy...but given UA's absurdly good Wilden mask, it's honestly not out of the question.

Who Died in the Pretty Little Liars 7A Finale?

That "spectacular" death was as comical as it was horrifying, by the way. Its foreshadowing was both goofy and gorgeous; when a bowling ball inexplicably rolled down the stairs of the #PLLDeAthtrap house, I thought it was going to be the start of some Rube Goldberg-style murdering contraption. But no, it was just telegraphing the other thing that would soon roll down the stairs. Guess you could say Noel Kahn quit while he was a HEA—no, you're right, that's an awful joke. I'll show myself out.

RIP Noel Kahn, you inscrutable, pretty-eyed character who we never got quite enough of. The fact that we'll never hear Noel's motives for helping Jenna and Charlotte in his own words is frustrating, and given how curiously pivotal this minor character was over seven seasons, viewers deserved that much. Oh beautiful, evil, headless Noel, dead by his own battle axe — or to paraphrase Shakespeare, a writer PLL has been historically obsessed with, "hoisted by his own petard." We hardly knew ye, but we can hope for telltale Noel flashbacks in Season 7B.

As for Toby and Yvonne, who were victims of an all-too-convenient truck crash at the episode's end? Eh, Toby will be fine. PLL seemed to be paving the way for a Spoby reunion now that Haleb's blessedly back on track, but hopefully they won't kill off Yvonne just to make that happen. If she does live, Yvonne should run from Rosewood screaming and never return.


Who Is Uber A? And Who Definitely Isn't?

And speaking of Uber A, while we won't learn his/her/their identity until PLL ends in 2017, we may have gleaned who Uber A isn't: At the end of "The DArkest Knight," a seemingly abducted Jenna says to the masked person behind the wheel, "You're Uber A!" Discounting the people who were in the DeathtrAp house at the time, those who were enjoying two Jenna-purchased free drinks at the Radley, a couple who'd just been in an auto accident and a certain newly-engaged former teacher who's just learned he still has another girlfriend, none of the following people dragged Jenna out of the DeAthtrap and into a van:

Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Ali
Mary Drake
Toby and Yvonne
Ezra Fitz
Caleb and Mona
Jenna, obviously
Noel Kahn

I still can't quite shake the idea that Lucas is Uber A, which I started strongly suspecting in Season 6. He's highly intelligent, and a long-established tech wiz — any A needs a brilliant surveillance system, and Lucas would know how to build it. He's a wealthy game app developer now, so he can also fund costly, Liars-sabotaging operations.

He installed Hanna in his well-appointed loft. This could be because he's her longtime friend/has had a crush on her since high school, or could it be so he can spy on her and the rest of Team Liars with hidden mics and cameras? Remember when his wireless "smart home" system went haywire in Season 6's "Burn This," causing alarms, wind and a big ol' fireball? Just saying, that place is a potential DeAthtrap, too. He also told Hanna he'd recently purchased an old warehouse, aka the perfect space for lairs and abductions.

Yes, Lucas seemed contrite after teaming up with Mona to end Alison in Season 5 — but it could've been an act of Uber A-level manipulation.

Also: Where the hell does Sydney Driscoll fit into all of this?

Who is Mary Drake's Second Baby? 


Spencer is Mary Drake's second child?!? While it was never going to be Noel Kahn like Hanna thought — PLL never shows their hand that early, that was a clear fake out — Spencer was definitely a surprise. But a week ago, writer Jenn Maher at PrettyLittleLiars made an extremely strong case for the theory. In retrospect, all of the supporting evidence Maher offered makes sense.

And finally, some priceless Season 7A finale quotes. Kudos to script writers I. Marlene King and Maya Goldberg.

"To quote my dead husband, karma’s a bitch." – Ali (who is pregnant! and kissed Emily!)
"Busting Noel for the dollhouse is like busting a mob boss for tax evasion.” – Hanna
"Nothing has changed, has it Em?" – Paige about Emily's weakness for Ali, but also a savvy observation on the dynamics between people who've known each other forever, something the show's consistently explored.
"I taught Jenna a lot. But one thing she taught Charlotte and me…was how to smell fear." - Noel Kahn
"Alison? Is that you? You’ve been the bitch, the missing girl, the dead girl. Tonight? You get to be me." - Jenna, before all the lights turned off

And the winner:
"I think I just walked into Tim Burton’s garage sale." – Aria on the abandoned home for the blind, which was excessively creepy even by Pretty Little Liars standards.

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Which of these PLL Theories Were Proven — and Disproven — in the 7A Finale?