Until tonight, PLL Season 6B's pacing seemed a bit off to me. The show had much to establish with the #5yearsforward time jump, so the storytelling got unwieldy at times and introducing us to Pretty Grown-Ass Lady Liars nearly eclipsed the whole ‘who killed Charlotte?’ mystery. Maybe I was just overwhelmed processing Spaleb, and Yvonne, and everyone’s new lives, and the fact that A was replaced by Uber A immediately, and wondering why Sara Harvey is so cartoonishly evil, and how does she even afford so many luxury leather gloves? Look: 6B is a lot. But “Did You Miss Me?” filled in a few emotional blanks and stepped on the gas plot-wise.

We pick back up with Emily demanding info from Mona (love a bossy Emily!). Mona admits she was the one who called Charlotte from the Two Crows diner, while enjoying an Agent Cooper Twin Peaks special of a cup of coffee and some apple pie. Mona wanted to ask Charlotte what she’d do with all the intel she acquired over 5 years now that she was free, but Charlotte never showed.

Emily floats this “Mona didn’t kill her, even if she might have, given the chance” alibi with Spencer and Aria. They agree to follow Mona hoping she’ll lead them somewhere, even though Aria wants to clear her name as the suspected diner caller with Detective Tanner.

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Lucas is back, and he’s futzing with his tablet security system as Hanna’s explaining to fiance Jordan why she needs to stick around Rosewood. Lucas says he’s back in town to rehab an old warehouse. Uh huh.

Newlyweds Ali and the charm-free Dr. Rollins are smooching on a stairs landing in a bed and breakfast, when she STONE COLD FALLS DOWN THE STAIRS. Whaaat? It’s the soapiest. Ali’s concussed, so Dr. Rollins says she needs to stay put in the hospital, and Ali wonders if she’s “being punished for surviving” since she was so happy in the moments before her tumble.

The Liars wonder if something more sinister’s at play, as they worry over drinks at the Radley and discuss how they need to find the killer by the night of Spencer’s mom’s election. After Hanna weighs in with a vote for Mona’s innocence (good!), she leaves to go visit Ali.

Hanna and Alison catch up at the hospital. As Hanna examines the way-too-many flowers Dr. Rollins has filled the room with, she pockets a card she finds from A: It’s got a staircase on the cover and has Bitmoji-esque pictures of the Liars inside, with everyone but what appears to be Hanna and Spencer crossed out in red.

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Emily sends Spencer footage of Mona meeting with some random bohunk — except Emily (somehow) recognizes him as the guy who escorted Sara Harvey to Charlotte’s funeral: “It’s like a meeting of the minions.” Spencer joins Emily to confront the dude as he leaves city hall with a tube in his hand. They follow him, then distract him with a fender-bender ruse in which Spencer manages to swipe the tube. Inside is the Radley floor plan that Sara had, plus a Radley key card. Emily follows the mystery man —watching him hilariously grab ice cream at the front of a line of kids, because sketchballs need treats too! — and he tosses his blueprints tube right into Sara Harvey’s moving car.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Rollins thanks Hanna for visiting, saying Ali’s friends loyalty is “remarkable.” The fuh you know about it, Rollins? You JUST got here, try sitting through six and a half seasons of this.

Aria reads Ezra’s draft of what seems to be his final exchange with his girlfriend before she went missing in Nigeria. They fight right behind her, lit like they’re all in a stage play. It’s surprisingly effective and sad. Later, they meet with her smart-seeming boss, who demands a manuscript draft soon and tells Aria she’s taken Aria’s (now ex?) boyfriend Liam off the project. I’m not sure what the point of Liam was as a character, exactly. At the end of the night Aria tells Ezra about Uber A and says it’s officially game on again.

Hanna shows Caleb the scary card she found in Ali’s hospital room. Spencer walks in to find them looking very serious, and Hanna proposes an insane plan: Convince Uber A that Hanna killed Charlotte, so he/she/they will get what they want and leave them all alone, I guess? Emily points out this plan’s aforementioned insanity, while Spencer, looking dejected and slinging a wine glass, says “if we don’t back [Hanna and Caleb] up they’re just gonna do it by themselves.” Then Hanna takes Caleb’s hand (!!) and can they get back together already, please? Later, Spencer polishes a wineglass creepily and flashes back to her and Caleb’s magical times in Spain.

Caleb brings Hanna back to the loft as the fireplace bursts into flames again. “Sorry, I just wanted to make sure that worked from anywhere in the apartment,” Lucas booms from upstairs. I got chills, but then I’ve thought he’s Uber A since the jump. Then Lucas basically tells Hanna she can start her own label in the warehouse he’s buying. “C’mon Hanna, I finally figured out a way to give you something no one else can.” Hanna knows a loaded offer when she sees it, but agrees to consider it.

Ali’s sleeping in the hospital when she’s surprised…by her dead mother. Dun dun DUUUUUN! But it’s just a ghost. Or is it? Show creator Marlene E. King has been tweeting plot hints this week that suggest there might be more to the story. Her mom assures Ali she'll be okay now that she's with oddly stiff Dr. Rollins.

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Mona’s walking alone at night, when Sara Harvey steps out of the shadows (where she lives, lurking in every dark corner, at all times). Mona tells her to “leave them alone” — the Liars, ostensibly — and Sara says she won’t till she gets what’s coming to her. Queen Mona warns her that now that Charlotte’s gone, Sara’s responsible for her own terrible actions. Sara pushes Mona’s biggest button, saying the Liars don’t trust her and they’ve shut her out of the circle for good. Stay in the light, Mona!

The Liars, plus Ezra and Caleb assemble, and Hanna sets her plan into motion: She texts Uber A with a fake confession that she killed Charlotte. Her message reaches its target as a cover of “Call Me” plays (not Lucy Hale’s version from American Juniors, sadly), and now we’re barreling toward the final act.

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