The 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 spoilers are coming fast and furious now and we've learned that one couple will be reunited in episode 5x02 and one of the Liars will join the Rosewood High cheerleaders.

So who is the lucky couple and who is the unlucky Liar? Read on for more spoiler-filled details.

First things first, that couple who will have a hopefully blissful reunion in the second episode of the season.

That honor goes to none other than Toby and Spencer (Spoby) who have been apart since Spencer was in rehab and Toby was in London doing things of a questionable and unknown nature.

Actor Keegan Allen revealed this news himself, posting an Instagram video of he and co-star Troian Bellisario cuddling on set, joking that they were sharing a private moment.

Reunited and it feels so good!

We also learned that one of the Liars will be joining the cheerleading squad, but we can't imagine who.

As the official 'PLL' Twitter account teased:

So who will the Liar be? Will it be Alison in an attempt to reintegrate into Rosewood High as normally as possible considering everyone was pretty sure she was dead? Or will one of the Liars go undercover in order to get information about 'A' from a cheerleader? Maybe it's all a dream?

This is 'Pretty Little Liars,' so you never know.

Season 5 will premiere June 10 on ABC Family at 8PM ET. Where hopefully at least the cheerleader thing will be explained.