'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 premieres tonight and ahead of tonight's episode, it was announced that the hit ABC Family show was renewed for not one, but two more seasons. Executive Producer Marlene King also had plenty to tease about Season 5 for us during a Reddit AMA.

The first tidbit we've learned is that a "significant" character will die this season.

"There's one significant biting of the dust this season. One call I won't want to make to an actor. I have to make the calls to tell them they are dead," King teased, giving us no hints about who would be or getting offed in Season 5.

King also revealed during the AMA that the Liars would be skipping one important event in their lives: college. The college setting has often been been known to sound the cancellation death knell for much-loved television shows over the years, so it's not surprising that 'PLL' may avoid it all together.

"There will be a time jump," King admitted. "It may be on the TV show, or the movies we are starting to talk about, but there will be a time jump. We will 'jump' college."

Time however does move slowly for a little bit pre-jump, although King says things will speed up after the Christmas episode and bring the viewers up to the spring of senior year.

Unfortunately, Marlene doesn't think the show can go on forever.

She confessed, "I did not plan on dragging [the show] out as long as possible. There is an end in sight. And we will hopefully announce what season that will be soon."

Considering 'Pretty Little Liars' was just renewed for Seasons 6 and 7, we should be able to get our fix for a little while longer.

'PLL' Season 5 premieres tonight at 8PM ET. Get ready to find out who killed Detective Wilden! No, really.