In the upcoming fifth season of 'Pretty Little Liars,' one member of the damaged DiLaurentis family will be returning to Rosewood, while another will leave permanently.

So who stays and who goes? Keep reading to find out.

First things first, the question of who is leaving, whether by choice or against their will.

According to executive producer Marlene King that would be Mrs. DiLaurentis, who we last saw being buried by a mysterious hooded figure. Seems that Mrs. D might be for real dead and that with her passing comes many questions including who killed her.

As King told TVLine, "It’s a lot of things, actually. Who would she have been protecting? Who would want to bury her? Who wanted her dead?"

Meaning that someone must come back to Rosewood to take care of the recently "resurrected" Alison, who will reveal to the whole town that she hasn't been dead this whole time. That someone is Mr. DiLaurentis.

Continued King, "Her father comes home and wants to take her with him, and she has to explore this idea: Do I really want to stay here? Should I make a clean break? That’s all part of her journey." A journey which will take place over the first few episodes of the new season.

The Season 5 premiere will air on ABC Family on Tuesday, June 10 at 8PM ET. It's so far away!