With Alison returning to Rosewood for 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5, there's bound to be some shake ups, but could one of those be a love triangle with one of our four main Liars?

Sounds like things are going to get messy.

In a recent interview with actress Shay Mitchell -- who plays Emily -- E! Online learned that a new woman named Sydney will enter Emily's life as a newbie to the Rosewood High swim team.

No worries though, as Shay teased, "For the Paige and Emily fans, I would say to hold tight. Nothing's ever said and done. And I will say to the Emison fans, you never know what could happen again. So stay tuned."

If Emily and Alison share another smooch or just some other chemistry, it could definitely explain why writer Joseph Dougherty says Paige feels threatened by Ali's return.

As he told Alloy, "I think it comes down to this: one of the reasons Emily is not the same person that she was when Alison left is because of her relationship with Paige. But, none of these dynamics are the same anymore. I think Paige is threatened."

Even more intriguing? Dougherty said that the Emily/Paige/Alison dynamic is "arguably… the most interesting triangle of the season."

Of course, this may not be the only couple that Alison gets between. One writer cryptically hinted that Alison and Caleb could wind up locking lips.

Could Hanna and Caleb be the couple that Alison destroys or will she leave Emily and Paige in her wake?

'PLL' returns to ABC Family on Tuesday, June 10 at 8PM ET.