We know plenty of tidbits about 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5, and now we know even more about the very first episode in the season, which was finally given a title.

Read on to find out what the premiere will be called and what characters will star in it.

According to an Instagram photo from the Season 5 premiere's director, Norman Buckley, the episode will be titled: 'EscApe From New York,' a play on the film of the same name.

And seeing as the girls were in New York at the end of the Season 4 finale and this one takes place moments after, we have a feeling it'll be about them trying to return to Rosewood.

Several familiar faces will also be returning for the premiere, including Mona (who we now know is more devious than we thought), Lucas (who we missed), Noel Kahn (who has been helping Ali for reasons unknown) and Paige (who we last saw getting her heart broken by Emily).

No worries, though, the main four Liars will also be on hand for the episode. What? No Ali?

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