The promo for 'Pretty Little Liars' episode 4x16, 'Close Encounters,' is here and along with it some 'PLL' spoilers from writer Marlene King that a certain someone will be making her triumphant return.

Warning: These are spoilers! Proceed with caution.

We already saw Ali and Emily have a moment in a dream sequence yesterday, but next week (Jan. 21), Ali will be returning for real.


As for that tricky promo (above), it reveals that yet again Ali wants to meet with Emily alone, a fact which makes Spencer suspicious.

Which it should! Later in the promo, Emily does in fact meet up with Ali (seemingly) before being trapped in what looks like a service lift of some kind. Could A have found them?

Making things even more complicated for our liars, Aria's newest love interest, Jake, seems to spot Ezra losing his temper, prompting him to ask Aria if she was afraid of her ex.

If she's not, she certainly should be.

Now that you've read these 'PLL' spoilers, you can catch 'Close Encounters' next week on ABC Family at 8PM EST.