'Pretty Little Liars' star Shay Mitchell is pretty on the inside, too. The stunning actress traveled to Kenya on her downtime from the show and gave the lowdown on her charitable trip.

"It was awesome, such a fun experience," Mitchell told PEOPLE. "I can't wait to go back again. The people were amazing; even though they don't have much at all, you can see how happy they are. One thing I've definitely taken back home with me are the smiles."

Mitchell worked with Free the Children to build a medical clinic, as well as to educate locals on the importance of clean water -- especially on boiling it.

"I've never done any construction work at all. I brought gardening gloves and was like, 'Okay, I'm ready!' But we had some construction workers from the community here to help, which made it easier," Mitchell said. "I thought it would be more strenuous, but it was fun. Although it takes such a long time -– it gets so hot! But it was cool to know I had a hand in building something that'll be so useful. Next time I go to Kenya I'll see what I've done."

Of the water mission, Mitchell said, "Here in North America, we don't think about water much -- I turn my tap on, and there it is. But over there, they walk to this river, five times a day depending on how much water they need for the day, carrying these jugs. I had a 10-liter jug and carried it uphill; luckily the woman I was carrying it with only lived a five- or 10-minute walk, but there are people who walk over an hour to fill up their jugs at the closest river, with their little girls," she revealed. "When I finished walking, I realized I definitely take our access to water for granted." No kidding!

Mitchell also got to mingle with locals -- as well as some awesome animals. See her photos in the link below!