Prince closed the 2013 Billboard Music Awards with a rare (and incredibly noisy) performance, delivering a two-song medley to celebrate being honored with the Billboard Icon Award.

After Prince was celebrated for his unfettered ability and desire to rock, he took the stage and began to deliver a funked out and ultimately slower, sexier and sludgier version of his smash 1984 hit 'Let's Go Crazy.' Looking like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz, with lots of fringe on his leather jacket, His Purpleness turned in a totally rawkin' performance. It was loud, it was noisy and it was awesome.

He then launched into the song 'FixUrLifeUp,' which was also a rowdy rocker with a capital "R," before returning to a final bar of 'Let's Go Crazy.' The latter is one of our favorite Prince songs, but overall, it was an interesting take on the concept of a medley. Prince has so many beloved songs to choose from, but he stuck to one classic and one new track and mashed 'em up.

But then again, would you expect anything less from Prince, who ended his set knuckling down on his guitar and surrounded by onstage pyro? Would you really want him to follow a standard practice and deliver a predictable medley? No way. That's not behavior befitting an icon.

His Purpleness has always done things his way and that's why he was awarded Icon status in the first place. It was a blow-the-roof-off way to end the night.