Relatively media shy rocker Prince is all set to have a cameo on the sitcom 'New Girl' opposite Zooey Deschanel!

The Purple One x the It Girl? Yep!

Even more spectacular, Prince will make his appearance on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 2.), starring as himself. Said episode of 'New Girl' will air directly after the game. That's a sweet spot that many TV shows covet, that's for sure.

According to Page Six, the premise of the episode will be based around how Prince is regularly throwing massive night-long house parties. Is that a real thing? Because if it's not, it totally should be. And we want a personally engraved invite from His Purple Highness.

A source says that Prince himself made the offer directly to the show's producers himself, who wisely accepted and are allowing him to make a cameo on their program.

He's apparently a very big fan of the show, so much so that it's where he will make his television comedy debut.

Be sure and tune in!