Early Monday morning (November 30), viral sensation/"Gangnam Style" hitmaker PSY tweeted the video for his new song "Daddy," which features CL from 2NE1.

The video begins with a campy rendition of a hospital birth, which seems innocent enough until we see the newborn baby boy's face, which turns out to be an unconvincing digital simulation of adult PSY. It takes the song's opening line — "I got it from my daddy" — to a whole new level of creepy.

But this literal translation of inheritance continues throughout the video, with PSY's face being transferred onto multiple bodies other than his own. He quickly matures from an infant to a young boy in elementary school who is able to charm his female classmates with a few winks and playful finger gun action. At one point, schoolboy PSY sits in front of a line of girls, pouring some kind of sauce over their lunches as he sings, "You be my curry / I'll be your rice." (We can all agree to add that to the list of cheesiest/creepiest pickup lines.)

Other notable (but no less creepy!) transformations include PSY as a Spanish dancer, his own father, and his own grandfather, and they all repeat the lines "How do you like me now?" in unison.

The remainder of the video is comprised of a series of the same dance sequences performed in different settings: a yacht, a mall escalator, a living room, a bathroom, the street, the stage, and of course, the club.

And it all ends with a charming PSY family portrait.

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