Get ready to start cursing Scooter Braun again.

The spotlight-loving manager responsible for making Psy go mainstream is subjecting the world to him yet again. At this point, Psy, however lovable and affable he is, has gone viral to the point of herpes. It's not that pleasant, but it could be worse (like, say, HIV). And just when you think it's gone? It's back.

With that in mind, here's Psy with 'Gentleman.'

He sounds like anything but on his followup single to the inexplicable smash that was 'Gangnam Style.'

It's hard to decipher any other English words aside from "Damn girl, you so f---ing sexy" and "I'm a motherf---ing gentleman," but it doesn't matter. It's not like you were expecting Kafka anyway, were you?

The beat is infectious and EDM-inspired, and it almost compensates for the fact that you're listening to Psy. The song is actually much less irritating than it's predecessor, but that doesn't mean it's not irritating at all. Because it is irritating, for a few reasons: The subject matter is about puddle deep, the song itself and Psy himself are a bit contrived, and you thought you'd escaped this.

But for what it's worth, just let it happen. You will get sick of it. It will get overplayed. But it's best to treat this headon than to wait for it to go away. Especially since you know that burning is gonna come back. But for what it's worth? We hope Braun covers this up before it spreads too far.


Listen to Psy, 'Gentleman'