Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow were in the bottom two of the audience voting on 'X Factor' this week. It was familiar territory for Canty, who has inexplicably been in the bottom of the voting for the third week in a row, despite the fact that his performances are always entertaining. Ultimately, Crow was sent home because the judge's panel went to deadlock and she received the lowest amount of votes from America.

This was fan favorite Crow's first time having to sing for a save, and she admitted to nerves and told Canty she loved him before they went head to head, er, voice to voice. "Bottom two again," Canty said, obviously disappointed upon learning his fate.

He paid homage to one of tonight's guest performers, Mary J. Blige, by performing her torchy R&B ballad 'I'm Going Down,' which he had sang on the show previously. He knocked it out of the park, with the bases loaded.

Seriously America. Why is Marcus Canty camped out in Bottomville again? And why would Rachel Crow ever end up there? Come on!

Crow, looking cute in a hot pink jacket, also reprised a previous performance, singing Etta James' classic 'I'd Rather Go Blind,' which showed the teen to be mature behind her years. She got super emotional while performing, fighting back tears while belting out the song. She tied the game at that point, as the camera cut to Paula Abdul standing up, cheering her on and mouthing "Yes, yes, yes."

L.A. Reid said he believes in principle and had to "stand by my man" so he sent Crow home. Simon Cowell stood by his girl and voted to send Canty home.

Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were hit with death threats for sending Drew home last week and that activity (which we emphatically do not endorse!) might escalate this week. Abdul sent Canty on his way, so it was up to Scherzinger to break the tie.

She was completely flabbergasted and dabbed tears, saying,"I can't make this decision. I have to go to deadlock. The act that I have to send home is Rachel." She didn't want to send either home and punked out of making a decision, which she appeared to regret when it was announced that Crow got the lowest tally of votes.

So it was up to America, who sent home Crow. Crow was sobbing so hard and saying "Mommy" to her mom, who tried to comfort her. It was difficult, troubling and uncomfortable to watch, like we were voyeurs. Poor, sweet, talented girl!

However, like Astro and Drew before her, Crow does not need 'X Factor' to get further in her career. It's just a stepping stone. She will have a major music career ahead of her.

How much of a guilt trip is the Scherz suffering through right now, though? She even got booed!

We're down to the final four!

Watch the Rachel Crow Elimination on 'X Factor'