The series premiere of 'X Factor' kicked off with a performance from a vivacious little 13-year-old girl named Rachel Crow. It was clear from the moment Crow walked out on stage that she had something special about her, with a big personality and even bigger smile. Soon enough, she proved she had the voice as well.

Before she walked onstage to sing in front of the four judges and the thousands of other people in the audience at the the 'X Factor' audition, Crow proclaimed, "This audition is the most important thing I've ever done in my life." As she stood in front of the judges for pre-performance, judge Paula Abdul asked what she would with the $5 million prize (via a recording contract with Sony). Crow responded, "So you guys might think this is crazy but my family has like no money. We live in a two bedroom house and I have six people in my family ... I'm a girl I need my own bathroom!"

For her performance, Crow sang 'Mercy' by Duffy, and she completely rocked it, putting her own spin on the soulful pop track. The crowd loved and as did the judges. Abdul told her, "What you just did is exactly what we need people to do on this stage. You delivered with personality." British songstress Cheryl Cole, who was present at the LA audition, agreed, calling Crow a "little star." Fellow judge L.A. Reid said, "You have everything … [You're] funky, feisty, [you have] soul. You got it all." Finally Simon Cowell told Crow, "We're gonna be hearing a lot about you."

We think so too, Simon. Crow made it through the auditions, receiving an ecstatic "yes" from all four judges.

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