Rick Ross loves to wear sunglasses. Being a Miami native, where the sun always shines bright, the Bawse can't go anywhere without a fresh pair of shades on his face. Recently, Rozay posted a pic of himself on Twitter without his sunglasses on.

Granted, this wasn't a photo shoot so he didn't need to wear shades, but to see the rapper without his eyewear is a rarity, indeed. In the pic, Ross is sitting in a wooden chair with a long joint in his mouth, raising his index fingers in the air to signal that he's "No. 1."

The 'B.M.F.' rapper was shirtless, of course, proudly showing off his protruding tattooed belly and man boobs. Ross is also wearing his newest jewelry cop -- a gold necklace attached to a crown emblem with diamonds on the tips. Below, the caption reads, "Biggest Boss."

The gaudy necklace is certainly fit for a king, as Rozay is currently sitting on top of his rap throne. Most recently, Ross made it on Forbes' Hip-Hop Cash Kings list finishing at No. 12 with $9 million earned.

The photo was taken while Ross was in Caribbean island of Anguilla, where Rozay shot several music videos for his 'God Forgives, I Don't' album. Videographer Little X helmed the clip for 'Diced Pineapples' (featuring Drake and Wale), while MMG Films directed the video for 'Presidential.' Ross also filmed a video with T.I. for a song from his upcoming album, as well.

Ross' rap supremacy is global now. The rhyme-slinger just came back from performing for thousands of fans in Guyana. "While I was on stage, I [dreamt] of writing rhymes that make you n----s pray that I was brother, pray that I was your father," he said backstage. "I can see it all so clearly."

Rick Ross' album 'God Forgives, I Don't' is currently in stores now.

Watch Rick Ross Performing in Guyana