Celebrity Fight: The One-Named Diva Dispute

Rihanna and Ciara's tiff is some straight-up high school style dramz. Ciara put RiRi on blast when she was a guest star on E!'s 'Fashion Police,' saying the 'Diamonds' singer was none to friendly to the 'Body Party' songstress at a party. Then, Rihanna obviously took to Twitter to basically say she was a total bada-- and Ciara was a has-been.

The two divas virtually kissed and made up, but apparently there was some love lost -- at least in Ciara's eyes. She explained during an interview, "I don’t know what her problem is. I think she’s nuts right now, like, whatever’s going on, because for me, it doesn’t make any sense." Put those claws away, girl!

Point Goes To: We call it a tie. We applaud Ciara for not letting Rihanna get away with having a rude 'tude, but she needs to give that shiz a rest.