After the 2016 U.S. presidential election shock, Robyn wants us to know: We are not dancing on our own.

On Friday, the Swedish pop star took a moment to share her thoughts on Facebook, where she wrote an intimate message of solidarity and asked her fans to reach out to those who are "less privileged" with support.

"Can not post this without saying that the last couple of days have me non stop coming back to thoughts of all my american friends, women, brown people and lgbt persons who are directly affected by the way america voted two days ago and my heart is with you," she posted.

"It also makes me think about my own country Sweden and where we are going to be when our next election is due," Robyn added. "All i know is less privileged people all over the world need support and they need to feel like their voices are heard in time to not give in to hate and make uninformed and bad choices. How can we support all people, even the ones that we dont agree with to make sure we dont create more separation is the question I ask myself."

"Stay warm and positive if you can," the singer concluded, ending on an optimistic note.

In addition to sharing her take on the election, the performer also announced a new Spotify playlist featuring tracks that inspired her latest EP, Trust Me.

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