Ryan Gosling is set to host Saturday Night Live this coming Saturday (December 5), with musical guest Leon Bridges. It's the actor-musician's very first time hosting the show, though given the fact that he got his start on Mickey Mouse Club alongside unofficial SNL cast member Justin Timberlake, he'll probably do just fine.

Aidy Bryant joins Ryan in the promo spots, and she immediately does what many of us would, given the opportunity: Writes a kiss into their script.

"I like where your head is at, though. Let's bond!" Ryan says to Aidy, after busting her for altering the cue card. They veer from the standard talking-to-the-camera format in two of the promos, instead opting for a faux-candid, possibly improvised chat between the two in which Ryan compliments Aidy's strength and they leave to go "wail on [their] pecs."

Gosling is promoting the forthcoming The Big Short, co-starring Hollywood heavyweights Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Steve Carrell. The film's directed by Adam McKay, who made his directorial debut with digital shorts on SNL before hitting it big with Anchorman. Watch the clips, in which they also re-enact a scene from Titanic and Ryan spits on a baby, below.

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