Up-and-coming rapper Rye Rye has a brand-new video for her track 'Never Will Be Mine,' and this time she and featured artist Robyn are getting revamped with the help of electro DJ/producer R3HAB. In the new video for the R3HAB remix, fast-paced camerawork and even faster-paced dancing are the center pieces of the video.

The vibrant, energetic 'Never Will Be Mine' video kicks off with Rye Rye rapping to the heavy beat of the R3HAB remix as she sits atop an apartment stoop, looking hip-hop glam in a teal top with fringe and a new red and black hairdo. Soon enough, her friends show up in a pimped-out vintage convertible, and they go cruising through the city at seemingly warped speed -- thanks to rapid camera cuts courtesy of director Travis Kopach -- accompanying the pulse-pounding remix perfectly. Robyn also appears in the video, grooving along inside of stacked TV sets.

The most impressive part of the fresh 'Never Will Be Mine' clip is that Rye Rye not only raps, but also engages in some seriously fancy footwork with a group of backup dancers. She and her posse move between a bright, graffiti-covered alley way -- where Rye Rye shakes her stuff to the beat in her fringed top -- to the club, showing off their quick, intense and intricate dance moves the whole way.

Watch the Rye Rye, 'Never Will Be Mine' (R3HAB Remix) Video Feat. Robyn