Rye Rye is stepping onto the scene, and she's not holding anything back. In her new rap single, 'Never Will Be Mine,' Rye spits some quick-tongue, spirited verses and calls on Swedish pop singer Robyn to bring in the chorus.

"If you're having problems when you love so much, and you wanna feel his touch / Put your hands in the air, let him know that you truly care / You don't wanna do the fight, fuss / Gettin' sick of the love pain / All the lies and the trust games / Guessin' age don't make a difference / And I'm getting fed up so listen," she raps without skipping a beat.

Rye holds her own in this song with no trouble, so even though big name Robyn brings a slow and smooth chorus, the newcomer doesn't really need it.

We like how she can throw down rhymes as simply as she brushes her teeth, and delivers them just as fresh, too. If 'Never Will Be Mine' is any indication of what Rye can do, we think someone should warn Nicki Minaj, because Rye has been cut loose.

M.I.A. first brought Rye Rye to the forefront and acted as her fashion mentor; and while she has since gone, (or is just M.I.A.) we're glad she left a confident and skilled rapper in her wake. This single gets our big PopCrush stamp of approval!

Listen to Rye Rye, 'Never Will Be Mine' Feat. Robyn