Well this Jersey girl just warmed our hearts on Season 12 of 'American Idol.'

Sarah Restuccio, the 17-year-old from Hammontown, N.J. is country strong, and was quick to note that her town in the Garden State was different than "those up north," and probably those south of her a la 'Jersey Shore.' Restuccio grew up on a blueberry farm and lives next door to her extended family, so it wasn't a complete surprise that the pretty brunette decided on a country song for her audition.

Standing before the judges, she sand 'Mama's Song' by Carrie Underwood and pretty much nailed it. She had the twang down, and her voice showed definite promise for a competition such as 'Idol,' and the judges were nothing short of fans of the young girl.

The judges agreed that she'd be a perfect country star and Mariah Carey called her "the entire package," even announcing that she could visualize a future in the industry for Restuccio. Which is why, even after they raved about her, we were a bit shocked to find out that Randy Jackson wanted to hear another song.

Deciding to stray from her country roots, she decided to rap Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass,' and even went so far as to ad-lib the first couple of lines to throw Minaj's name in there. We were stunned, the judges were rightfully stunned, but everyone was stunned in the best way because dang was this girl talented or what?!

Keith Urban, bless his Australian country soul, wasn't sure what type of singer she was, country or rapper, but Minaj stood up for Restuccio, saying that that was the entire point, she doesn't have to choose. Minaj doesn't believe Restuccio wants to be a rapper, but rather, just happens to like the music and is a country girl at heart.

"I really believe in this girl," said Minaj, who offered one of the four "yes's" to the excited girl.

Cue Minaj's tears. We're not kidding, she cried.