Scotty McCreery's debut album 'Clear as Day' drops on Oct. 4 and the 'American Idol' winner has been selected as the first artist to release his album with his very own 'ZinePak,' which will feature the actual album along with other pieces of content and exclusive elements, such as a magazine loaded with personal photos and information about the Season 10 winner. If you want an insider's look at McCreery, the official and special ZinePak is how you will get it.

According to Country Music Rocks, the McCreery ZinePak goes on sale only at Walmart on Oct. 4. It will be sold in the superstore's music department, right next to the regular old standard edition. The ZinePak is a limited edition item, with less than 80,000 produced. So snatch one up sooner than later.

“I am honored and flattered to be the first one chosen for a deluxe edition ‘ZinePak,” Scotty said. “It was a lot of fun working with Kim and Brittany, the editors of ZinePak. ZinePak has lots of info and pictures no one has seen before. Mom and I spent some time going through family photos selecting fun pictures to share with everyone. ZinePak is a great way I can personally thank my fans for their support and let them learn a little more about me."

The ZinePak will consist of the album and a 72-page mini-mag, complete with a feature on the singer, a fan Q&A, lyrics, song notes, behind-the-scenes photos, games and more. This deluxe edition also includes collectible postcards and even a set of Scotty-themed baseball cards! Anyone who knows and loves Scotty is familiar with his passion for America's pastime, so the cards are quite a fitting item.

The singer was involved in the creation of all the extras, since he wanted to offer his fans an authentic item that he personally curated. Many of the photos come from his personal archives and he chose them himself.

A ZinePak was released for the ACMs in March 2011 and fans began to request magazines about specific artists. And here we are, with Scotty McCreery as the first one.