Update: Patrick Schwarzenegger — actor, son of Arnold and Miley Cyrus's ex — has joined the cast of Scream Queens! But will he be added to the credits? Watch on September 22 to find out...


The "super-sized" opening sequence for Scream Queens, the Fox horror-comedy from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, hit the internet today (September 2). Murphy told the Hollywood Reporter that out of 25 characters, only four will survive Season 1 — so what does it mean that Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande are nowhere to be found in the intro?

The clip is entertaining, despite their absence — and slightly reminiscent of the Teen Wolf credits, no? As befits a show about college students who are scrambling to avoid a killer in a shiny red devil mask, the sequence features the stars serving up their best shrieks. First Emma Roberts and Skyler Samuels give it a go — very strong screams from both, great job. Samuels even opts for a frantic face-clutch with both hands. So scream queen-y!

Lea Michele is next up. Her character Hester wears a neck brace — do you think that'll curb her ability to scream real loud? If you said "yes," you must feel so stupid right now, because her scream is the best one we've heard so far! Bonus points for the eye-popping, full rictus-of-terror facial expression, too. Lea's not afraid of an "ugly" scream.


Glen Powell, who plays the evidently golf-loving Chad, just cracks a smile as the devil attacks — and then the devil shakes his head. What does it mean? Are they in cahoots? I bet he'll either get killed in the very first episode or be totes un-murderable.

Diego Boneta lets out a pretty low-key, throaty yell. Very butch scream, but not super believable. Abigail Breslin's fright sounds are heavy on the echo effect, but solid. Then we get a look at Keke Palmer, who plays Zayday Williams. We don't get to hear her scream either — is she the killer, or was her attempt sub-par and only the good screamers get a turn?

Billie Lourd, who's wearing earmuffs in the bathtub (COLLEGE KIDS, amiright?), puts in a very solid scream. Billie, I hereby nominate you for the 2015 Screamies.

A few of the cast members give the killer a wink or a thumbs-up in the sequence, and whether that means anything won't be a mystery for much longer. Scream Queens' 2-hour premiere airs September 22 at 8 p.m. on Fox — and I'll be recapping this season, so see you back here on September 23.

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