A newly blonde Kelly Clarkson jumped across the pond recently to sit down and talk with the folks over at 'This Morning' (U.K.) before giving two performances.

The hosts wasted no time in asking Clarkson about her latest single 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You),' a song that helped her collect her second Adult Contemporary No.1 on the Billboard charts. "It's a kind of a ballad, but it's not slow and it's still kind of an anthem," she said. "I really like it."

"I always like to sing about a little pain, a little happiness, and a little fun," she said when referring to her album, also entitled 'Stronger.' "There's always a wide variety. I think just 'cause that encompasses everybody."

The hosts then hit Clarkson with a groundbreaking interview question: "Who are your musical idols?" Yawn. The 'American Idol' winner must've been bored too, since she answered the question almost too quickly. "I love powerhouse women, I love Annie Lennox, I love Aretha," she said. "Have you seen her in concert? I was blown away, she is captivating."

At least her second interview over at 'Loose Women,' (the U.K.'s version of 'The View'), was a little more entertaining.

One of the women brought up a point that we've been thinking about ourselves. "People who do well from programs like that ['American Idol'], are the ones that you forget that's how they started," she said. "And that's how I think people see you, that's definitely how I see you. You're Kelly Clarkson! You don't associate with 'American Idol,' we don't associate you with it."

"What was cool for me, you know, as an artist, everybody kept saying 'You only made it as an artist because of the show,' and I was like man, that was kind of rough to hear because you feel like you work hard and everything," responded Clarkson. "But my season wasn't shown over here [the U.K.] when it was on. So when I came to Australia, or the U.K. or anywhere else in the world, I had to start from scratch, so it was kind of cool, I got the best of both worlds."

Kelly Clarkson will perform a five date U.K. arena tour this October.

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