As did many other people in the country, an incredulous Seth Meyers addressed his audience on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night (Nov. 9) with his candid thoughts regarding Donald Trump's win as the next President of the United States.

"Well, that was a real grab in the pussy. I'm sorry to use foul language like that, but last I checked, the electoral college seems to fine with it," he told the crowd.

"I felt a lot of emotions last night, and into today: some sadness, some anger, some fear, but I'm also aware that those are the same emotions a lot of Trump supporters felt and led them to make their choice. It would be wrong for me to think my emotions are somehow more authentic than their emotions. We're always better as a society when we have empathy for one another."

He went on: "I would like to say to those Trump voters: congratulations, I sincerely hope he addresses your concerns. I sincerely hope that if you felt forgotten, he won't forget you now. As a white man, I also know that any emotions I'm feeling are likely a fraction of those being felt by the LGBTQ community, African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans and any number of the immigrant communities so vital to our country. Hopefully, the Trump administration will be compassionate to them, because they need your compassion."

Watch above.

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