Annoying Pop Star Habit: Celebrities constantly invading our nostrils with tidal wafts of their fragrance creations.

Okay, this particular habit might be the one we take up most issue with.

Did we as a human population suddenly begin to measure a celebrity's success with whether they have their own fragrance? Why is this a fad? Do all these fragrances smell like their celebrity counterpart? If so, does Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur smell like blunts and champagne? Does that mean Justin Bieber smells like a woman, since he shills a female perfume?

Not to mention some of these scents have downright outlandish, unappealing and ambigious names. A quick sampling includes Pulse (Beyonce), Still (J.Lo), Secret Potion (Christina Aguilera), Purr (Katy Perry) and our favorite, Lollipop Bling (Mariah Carey). Who in their right mind wants to smell like Lollipop Bling. What does that even mean?!

Now it seems as though the typical pop star's career trajectory goes as follows: Album release, promo for said album, touring, fragrance launch, 3D movie. Rinse and repeat. We know these can make tons of money for their respective artists, but this trend seems totally random. End of story. Quit it with the fragrances.