It doesn't matter if you're an everyday teen or a gold medal-winning gymnast, no one is exempt from the power of painkillers to induce some laughs.

Earlier this week, US Gymnastics Final Five member and former Dancing With The Stars competitor Simone Biles let everyone know she was getting her wisdom teeth removed. In advance of the surgery, she hit up her Twitter followers for food recommendations, hoping to find some solace in knowing others had been through the pain she'd soon be in. Stars, they're just like us!

It was tweets that followed that proved that cliche line even more, when Biles showed her surgery was a success, and intimated a hilarious post-removal video was on the way. In what has become an odd tradition in the age of social media, Biles was just the latest person to undergo wisdom teeth removal and shoot a video of the after effects for all the world to see.

You might remember one of the most infamous accounts, where two brothers convinced their sister the world was ending in a zombie apocalypse.

This video proved so fascinating, the whole family was even brought on Ellen. You can't buy that kind of viral publicity. You can however already be a famous person who falls under the same drug-induced spell, and be nearly as funny in a way shorter clip.

Though this clip is merely a fraction of what Biles claims is a 14-minute long video, it still gets the point across well enough. No matter who you are, powerful painkillers can make you do and believe anything. Whether that means you're driving an imaginary car down the street, or fending off an undead horde, is entirely up to you. Well, no really. It's actually up to the drugs, but at least you get to be free from the pain of having two giant holes in your mouth.

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