Another day, another attractive and high-profile K-pop couple confirmed.

After a report surfaced earlier this week in the Korean media regarding an alleged year-long relationship between (now former) SISTAR member Bora and BIGSTAR's Feeldog being involved in a relationship, Feeldog's agency, Brave Entertainment, just confirmed — and clarified — the news.

“After checking with Feeldog, we have confirmed that they’ve been dating officially for about six months, not a year. The two of them got close after going on Hit the Stage together," the company revealed in a statement on Wednesday (June 28). (Translation via Soompi.)

Bora's new agency following her exit from Starship, Hook Entertainment, doubly confirmed the news: “After checking with Bora, we confirmed that she is dating Feeldog.”

Back in May, the two were reportedly seen going to a polling station to vote in the presidential elections and "returned together, holding hands." (What's more romantic than democracy?)

After inking her contract with Hook Entertainment earlier this month, Bora will continue on as "an actress, a variety personality, and even as a performer who may stand on stage again."

Watch Bora's seductive moves, which undoubtedly caught Feeldog's attention, on Hit The Stage below, as well as Feeldog's own prison escape performance.

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