A woman on Reddit says her sister's obsession with TikTok has ruined their relationship.

"My sister has become a TikTok influencer. A year ago we were making fun of TikTok and how stupid it is. Now she's addicted to it," she wrote.

"She said her hitting 10K followers was her anniversary gift. She came over to my house and she stepped outside just so she [could] watch someone's livestream," the woman continued on Reddit, claiming that all her sister talks about lately is her TikTok account.

"I stayed at her house for 3 days and the first 2 days we literally just went live the whole time. I'm actually so sick of this. She was literally someone I looked forward to hanging out with ... and now I never even want to text her anymore because all we f---ing talk about is TikTok," she recalled.

The woman concluded her post by noting she's "so sick" of her sister's obsession with TikTok, which is "ruining" their relationship.

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Readers in the comments section tried to comfort the woman, with many criticizing social media.

"Ask her in 50 years, are you going to be glad you spent so much time on TikTok? Will it matter? Youth is fleeting, you know. If It's ALL she is talking about, that's an issue," one person wrote.

"...The scroll phenomenon wasn't too bad until the short form video came along, now it's all consuming for kids and adults that get hooked. I fear many kids today will ruin their lives just because they have thousands of TikTok followers today. People like your sister believe they are doing something great that you don't understand, but, as others have pointed out this is fleeting and when it ends these people will realize they learnt nothing applicable to the real world," another person commented.

"...I would be just as frustrated, When I am excited to hang out with someone, a friend or parent or whatever, and we hang out and they just like look at [their] phones the whole time or [the] only thing they have to talk about is how many likes [their] post got or look at this or this or this, and literally don't have a normal conversation with me [it] makes me mad. Like, [you] can't communicate like a normal person and put the phone down for a second?" someone else shared.

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