UPDATE (9/26): The 86 lucky guests invited to join Solange at her table are starting to receive special books in the mail. A lucky attendee tells PopCrush that inside the book, titled A Seat at the Table, are photographs and poetry — or perhaps song lyrics? There are twelve "poems" in total, which are all numbered. Hmm...

Most curiously, in the middle, there's a date: "9-30-16." Is new music, or even a full album from Solange, coming this Friday?

There's also a small insert inside, which reads: "Don't let anybody steal your magic." All these clues. So iamamiwhoami. So into it so far.

See photo evidence below:

Solange 86 Book Knowles Album Music
via @samcorb
Solange 86 Book Knowles Album Music
via @samcorb

ORIGINAL POST (9/21): Solange Knowles is serving up...something.

Hours ago today (Sept. 21), the "Losing You" singer-songwriter posted an Instagram with a rather mysterious offer: "86 of you will receive a seat at the table in the mail.....first come....first served....www.solangemusic.com (Link in bio)," she wrote.

Worth noting: she was born in '86.

As one might expect upon receiving an invitation to a Knowles event, everyone jumped in for a seat immediately.

"Update: Thank you all for signing up. The seats are all reserved... But stay tuned for more✨," she quickly updated the post.

But that's not all: "New Website... Refresh for surprises✨," she added with a second Instagram post.

And it's True (EP): if you refresh the page, you'll see an assortment of different photos and video snippets, although nothing really provides a solid clue regarding what all this is about yet. The answer, hopefully, is music.

Also worth noting: the privacy and terms and conditions links lead to Sony Music.

To keep the anticipation coming, look no further than her own Snapchat, where she just teased a soulful-sounding snippet of new music, plus what seems to be a glimpse at an upcoming music video. She's coming...

Only two months ago, Solange announced that she finished her fourth studio album just 48 hours before turning 30. "Don't eveeer let anyone write your story for you. They can talk, they can doubt, and they can say what they wanna, but only you have the words to narrate this ting we call life. So much gratitude for all of your wishes. So much gratitude for love. So much gratitude for freedom. So much gratitude for life. Ps: About to take a note from Paris Hilton and have 4 parties," she wrote on Instagram.

Solange released her debut Solo Star in 2003, followed by Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams in 2008. In 2012, she released her critically hailed collaboration with Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), the True collection. Years later, fans are more eager than ever for more.

Perhaps the lucky 86 people sitting at the table will have an idea soon. Except for you, T.O.N.Y. You're still not invited.

See Solange's mysterious posts below, and check out her official website to refresh all you want and decipher the clues.