Stacy Francis is 'X Factor''s answer to Season 10 'American Idol' singer Pia Toscano in that she sticks to the room-filling, diva-like ballads. Francis has the type of powerhouse voice that could allow her to win this competition, hands down, since America loves an underdog -- and one with talent, to boot. On tonight's episode, she performed Prince's essential ballad 'Purple Rain.'

Francis delivered a gospel-style version of the song, thanks to her backing track and her style. Since she has a well-documented flair for the dramatic, she exhibited that throughout the performance and turned the drama meter up several notches, hitting notes higher than the heavens. Francis' performance caused judge Nicole Scherzinger to shed a few tears, making her just like 'Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez, who turned on the waterworks often throughout the season.

Francis closed her performance by crying -- something she's done before -- since she is emotional and sings from her core. We don't doubt the tears come from a real place or that she sings in order to survive. It's just a bit over-the-top, like her vocal displays are. Stacy Francis does nothing in a subtle way, and in some respects, that's a star quality. She just needs to work on connecting more with her audience.

Since we see Francis perform every week, we're left to assume she is a favorite of the judges and producers and that we'll be seeing her as the final weeks of the show wind down.

Watch Stacy Francis Sing Prince's 'Purple Rain' on 'X Factor'