Thanks to Stranger Things, DIY home and crafts shop B&Q is reportedly almost sold out of multicolored LED Christmas lights for this season.

Due to the popularity of the mystery/adventure series, as well as a particular scene in which Winona Ryder's character, Joyce Byers, frantically tries to contact her missing son using LED lights, the store revealed that 90% of its stock has been swooped up by fans eager to recreate the scene just in time for the holidays, NME reports.

According to B&Q Market Director Mike Norton, "The popularity of Stranger Things has had a completely unexpected effect on the sale of our multi-color Christmas string lights this year. We’ve seen a huge spike in demand and the lights are by far our bestselling range thanks to the show’s huge following."

Unfortunately for customers, Norton warned, the lights will not actually help them contact the Upside Down... But if they do, B&Q will take no responsibility for any inter-dimensional mayhem that may arise.

"Despite the similarity in the lights, we’d like to remind customers that this product should not be used to try to contact the Upside Down," he said. "B&Q cannot claim any responsibility for Demogorgon-related damage to homes this Christmas."

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