After releasing the street-certified tracks, 'I'm Flexin' and the Neptunes-produced 'Here Ye, Hear Ye,' T.I. shows us his softer side on the rap ballad 'Love This Life.' The song is being touted as the first official single from his upcoming album 'Trouble Man.'

Over a marching beat and fuzzy guitars, the self-proclaimed King of the South raps about showering his ladylove with the finer things in life. From giving Bentleys on her birthdays to endless shopping sprees, the Atlanta rapper promises everything and anything she could ever desire.

"Cavalli dress and high heels / Drop tops on hot wheels / We live how we wanna live 'cause we got mils," he tells his significant other. T.I. then adds, "In V-I-P them bottles be popping do it B-I-G / Come get with T-I-P and be ballin' till you D-I-E."

Tip also reiterates his commitment to his girl and vows to never go astray. "I've got a strong mind and a kind heart / With a soft kiss, but I love hard," he raps.

T.I. also warbles on the song's hook, on which, thankfully, with the help of Auto-Tune, he manages to hold a decent note. Props too to producer 1500 Or Nothin who created the head-nodding beat that's tailor-made to make the car speakers bump.

Overall, T.I.'s 'Love This Life' is a great rap ballad that could make the toughest neighborhood thug want to buy candy and flowers for his girlfriend.

If you want to download the song, click here.

Listen to T.I., 'Love This Life'