When Taylor Swift went up to receive her first-ever BRIT Award, she was so excited that she planted a huge kiss on Ellie Goulding's cheek -- and left a giant lipstick mark!

Of course, the two blonde artists -- and good friends -- were so psyched that neither of them took notice of the perfectly lip-shaped stain on the "Love Me Like You Do" singer's cheek. While the imprint wasn't so obvious during T. Swift's acceptance speech (all eyes were on the "Blank Space" performer, after all), viewers could clearly see it once the hosts sauntered on down to the table where Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora were sitting. And this was some solid time later, so clearly no one had told her that the mark was still there. Nooo! Everyone's worst nightmare.

In fact, as the emcees were chatting it up with Ellie and Rita, the hosts -- and Rita Ora! -- sat there politely, talking about other things and no one saying a word to Ellie about the Taylor Swift kiss forever emblazoned on her cheek. While it's possible that no one noticed, they could've also been just too polite or embarrassed to point it out on live television. Although, if we had Taylor Swift's "red lip, classic, thing that you like" stained on our cheek, we wouldn't be so quick to smudge it either.

And if Ellie Goulding is embarrassed, well, we know what Taylor Swift would tell her to do: Shake it off! And then wipe it off.

Ellie Goulding

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