School's out. Summer's in. And tonight (June 26) at 8 PM, Disney's throwing yet another massive beach blowout with their upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach 2.

The original Teen Beach first crashed onto shores worldwide in 2013, impressively becoming the second-highest rated Disney Channel original ever, just behind High School Musical 2. And now, the talented troupe of rising singing and dancing sensations, including Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell, has returned with a second installment of fun in the sun.

And of course, to accompany all those high energy, tightly choreographed dance routines in the sand, they're also supplying a whole new round of bubbly pop tunes. Want a sneak peek of the songs you'll be hearing all summer long? We're giving you a look (and listen!) at the Top 3 songs to know from Teen Beach 2.

Care to dive in?

  • 1

    "Gotta Be Me"

    Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Cast

    Grab a partner and get ready to march to the beat: Brady (played by R5 and Austin & Ally's Ross Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) bring their peppy, toe-tapping rock 'n' roll jam "Gotta Be Me" to life inside the auditorium at the Save The Beach event. And just wait for the dance floor showdown between the boys and girls — it's safe to say that the entire cast knows how to feel this beat.

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    "On My Own"

    Ross Lynch

    It's time to get a little reflective with Brady (Ross Lynch). His super emotional "On My Own," a guitar ballad-turned-soaring rock anthem that resembles a little bit of 5 Seconds Of Summer, sees the crooner growing pensive about his future. "If it's only me, myself and I / Will I be fine on my own?" We can relate, Brady!

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    "Best Summer Ever"

    Garrett Clayton, Grace Phipps, John DeLuca, Jordan Fisher, Maia Mitchell, Ross Lynch & Chrissie Fit
    Disney Channel
    Disney Channel

    Talk about a Song Of Summer! The gang's all here on "Best Summer Ever," a joyous explosion of harmonies, rock 'n roll and beach-y keen pop vibes featuring the whole crew. (Our personal favorite moment? That multicultural goodbye at the very end. Bye bye! Hasta luego! Shalom!