Drama, drama, drama and even more drama. That's the long and short of the trailer for 'Teen Mom 2,' Season 5.

We're well aware that we are in for an emotionally exhausting but entertaining, can't-look-away season of following these ladies.

Jenelle Evans deals with a new pregnancy -- although we're not sure if it's her current pregnancy or a different one prior, since she mentions something about having an abortion in this clip -- and not having custody of son Jace, 4.

Kailyn Lowry is pregnant again and getting married, while estranged from her mother.

Leah Messer struggles with her special needs daughter, who is part of a twin set, and Chelsea Houska is also managing emotions about her station in life.

MTV couldn't script more cray cray drama.

So in a nutshell: The fifth season of 'Teen Mom 2' is full of pregnancies, drama, boyfriends, buying houses, special needs children, weddings, curses, fights and more.

You can't help but worry about the poor kids who are lodged in the thick of all this. They should come first, second and third in the priority list, but don't seem to. And let's hope that contraception becomes a big topic among the ladies. They can't take care of themselves, much less take care of others.

The new season airs Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 10PM.