When we first heard about a supposed feud between 'American Idol' judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, we couldn't help but smile. Why? Because we knew it was going to make for great television, that's why!

So when Tenna Torres (first name pronounced Tina), the first 'Idol' audition of the night, came through, and professed her undying love for Ms. Carey, we knew we were in for a set of eye rolls from Minaj, and boy were we not disappointed.
Torres is Team Mariah, in more ways than one. The 20-something even went to Camp Mariah for crying out loud! And yes, such a magical and wondrous place exists. We imagine it's like a real Oz, with Carey being the masterful wizard, good witch, and bad witch all rolled into one. The contestant even had pictures of her time there, which she promptly ran up to Carey to show.
Carey, ever the gracious judge, took the pictures in her hands and genuinely seemed to be interested in them, even asking if she could keep them! Ultimately, it lead to this interaction amongst the judges: "Should we hear Tenna sing?" says the panel. "Nooooo! I wanna look at pictures of myself!" Sigh. Classic Mariah.
But it was her audition of Carole King's 'You've Got a Friend' that really had the room talking! "Yes, yes, yes!!" screamed Minaj as the four judges clapped for her. "If we could have somebody like this come out of this Idol 12, I would personally be very proud," added Carey.
Minaj, who sat back a bit peeved that Carey had interrupted her, continue her praise of Torres, saying, "We're all just kind of sitting back in awe."
And what a way to start the show!