As he preps for the release of his fourth album, 'Love IV,' things are beginning to click in gear for The-Dream. A video for 'Kill the Lights' — the album’s first single, which leaked in February — hit the web yesterday (March 28th).

The video is an abstract piece. A shot of Dream clad in a Lakers cap with the logo blurred and a black and gold scarf alternates with a shot where he’s seemingly alone in a empty nightclub. “Kill the lights, kill the lights / I want to set fire to the darkness, I want to lay flames right where your heart is tonight,” he sings, as flashing light bulbs cascade into one another, break and then create a fire.

Dream’s eventually joined by Casha, who’s also featured on the track. She gets two shots as well, one where she’s in shades and gold chains and another in a short black dress wearing door knocker earrings. “Let me take it from here, talk that s--- / Rock me back and forth, let me love you back,” she seductively coos over the track’s creeping synth progression.

In a Q&A two weeks ago, Dream said 'Kill the Lights' was named after his tour, and that he was looking to release 'Love IV' around Memorial Day weekend. Now he appears to be thinking otherwise. “June or July is looking ideal,” he wrote on his Twitter account yesterday. The video, while not exactly reinventing the wheel, should hold people over until then, though.

Watch The-Dream featuring Casha "Kill The Lights"