"What if the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs missed?"

That’s the question Pixar’s latest offering -- the upcoming animated movie The Good Dinosaur -- sets out to answer, anyway. Disney released a trailer for the movie earlier today (October 6) less than two months ahead of its release date, which lays out the basics of its plot. An Apatosaurus named Arlo sets out on a journey to find his family after a flash flood separates him from his father. He comes across protection and companionship in the form of a cave-boy (who he affectionately names Spot), who ultimately motivates him to continue on to find them.

As this is another Pixar creation, The Good Dinosaur is bound to tug at viewers' heartstrings. Anyone who's seen a movie released by the company in recent years is undoubtedly aware of their unmatched skill when it comes to the art of the tear-jerker. From getting audiences to root for a rat-turned-chef in Ratatouille, to that heartbreaking opening sequence in Up, no one does sad quite as well as Pixar does.

Check out the trailer for The Good Dinosaur in the video above. You can catch the movie when it hits theaters next month on November 25.

Have you ever thought about how different the world would be if that asteroid never wiped the dinosaurs out of existence? Does it weird you out to think about things like that? Do you think The Good Dinosaur will turn out to be something of a happier alternative to the theme of humans-playing-god present in movies like Jurassic Park and its never-ending sequels? Let us know!

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