We seriously can't wait for Nov. 21 to come after these nail-biting promos for 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1'!

In his first address to the citizens of Panem, we saw President Snow (Donald Sutherland) sternly warn the people on Capitol TV that any hints of uprising from members of any District would be met with swift and brutal force. He delivered the message with a brainwashed Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) standing next to him.

Today, a new video has gone online from Capitol TV, where together with Peeta and Johanna Mason (Jena Malone) by his side, he talks about unity amongst the nation. "Panem is speaking with one voice. The Capitol and Districts, bound together in solidarity..." he says before the transmission is ... interrupted!

"This is a pirate transmission from District 13 with a message," a very familiar face tells us. "The Mockingjay lives."

Pretty exciting, right?

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1' hits theaters this November with Jennifer Lawrence reprising her role as Katniss Everdeen.

With the promo machine for the movie in full force, we can't wait to get our first glimpse of J. Law leading the rebellion against the Capitol.

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