Warner Bros. unveiled the latest trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie on Friday (November 4), treating DC fans to a closer look at the film's snarky, self-absorbed titular character, voiced by Will Arnett, as well as the adorably annoying Robin, played with over-enthusiasm by Michael Cera.

The CGI-animated film is a far cry away from the dark, serious tones of DC's crossover juggernaut, Batman V Superman—a movie which is referenced jokingly in one scene of the trailer.

In the clip, Batman's arch-nemesis The Joker (Zach Galifianakis) is reduced to tears when the Dark Knight tells him that "Superman is [his] greatest enemy," and that he doesn't "currently have a 'bad guy.'"

"I am fighting a few different people," he tells the villain. "I like to fight around."

The movie also stars the voice talents of Rosario Dawson (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl), Ralph Fiennes (Alfred), Mariah Carey (Mayor of Gotham City) and Jenny Slate (Harley Quinn).

The LEGO Batman Movie opens in theaters February 10, 2017.

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