Ticketmaster officially confirmed that their system has been hacked, so here's what victims of the recent data breach should know.

Fans on social media shared screenshots of an email they received from the company alerting them of the "data security incident." The email contained various subheadings regarding what happened, what information was involved, what they've done about it and what fans should do.

Ticketmaster also shared a document on their website containing much of the same information that was in the email received by the data breach victims.

Ticketmaster's Database Hacked by Third-Party Group

According to the post on their site, Ticketmaster said they "discovered unauthorized activity on an isolated cloud database hosted by a third-party data services provider." However, they assured that customers' online accounts are still secure and can be used as usual.

They claim that the hackers obtained access to "limited personal information" of some customers that purchased tickets for events in North America. Thus, customers' contact information (email and phone number), credit card and other personal information may have been leaked.

As reported by USA Today, Ticketmaster only sent the email to individuals that may have been affected by the hacking, which was allegedly done by a group called ShinyHunters.

Though the company didn't disclose the exact number of people whose information was accessed during the breach, they said the total number was over 1,000 customers. However, a June report by NPR states that the hackers claimed to have stolen 1.3 terabytes of data, including information from 560 million customers.

How Ticketmaster Is Resolving the Breach

Ticketmaster assure that they've been investigating the matter and haven't found any further unauthorized activity. The company is working with law enforcement, credit card companies and banks to remedy the situation.

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Additionally, they are offering affected customers a free 12-month identity monitoring service, and implore everyone to report any suspicious activity within their credit card and bank accounts.

Fans React to Ticketmaster Hacking

Naturally, customers who were affected by the situation are concerned. See some social media posts below.

"Well, y’all Ticketmaster got hacked… First they collude to corner of the ticket, market, outrageous fees, and anti-competitive behavior and now they get your data stolen," one posts reads.

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