Tinashe, ever-versatile Aquarius, seems to pop up on a different track, in a different genre, with a different artist every time you open up your Twitter feed. Hardly a complaint, of course — she's always down for a party.

But of all her recent collaborations, nothing is quite as fierce as her team-up with KDA on "Just Say," a UK club cut begging to be vogued down to the ground on first listen.

Accordingly, the nimble-footed pop princess delivers in spades, carrying the visual by herself — all while wearing her sunnies at night.

Basking in the neon glow of a cheap hotel, Tinashe doesn't need much but a few fabulous accoutrements while bending, snapping and high-kicking her way through the minimal banger. It's always a joy(ride) to watch her pull shapes, and this video is certainly no exception: she can do it on a bed. She can do it in a diner. She can do it in a phone booth. Just say (reference) the word, and she'll break it down.

Watch the "Party Favors" babe put the "slay" in Slaynashe yet again up top.

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