'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' hunk Taylor Lautner might have made a name for himself in the movie world, but he is also a big music fan as well. Lautner, 19, was super stoked about one band in particular, who just happen to be featured on the soundtrack for his most recent film release, 'Abduction.'

It turns out that Train is one of Lautner's favorite bands, and the singer recently praised the 'Hey Soul Sister' hitmakers and their 'Abduction' track 'To Be Loved.' "I've always been a big fan of Train, so I was excited to have their music be part of this film," Lautner told JSYK. "I love the song 'To Be Loved,' and was amazed to see that not only did it play such a prominent role in this movie, but it fit the tone and feeling perfectly."

The Train song premiered yesterday on the AOL Music Blog, and the midtempo tune features melodic key arrangements, pounding drums, and emotional vocals from frontman Pat Monahan.

'Abduction' hits theaters this Friday, Sept. 23. The plot to the action flick focuses on Lautner's character Nathan Price and his quest to find out his true identity after he sees his baby photo in an old missing person ad. The flick premiered on Sept. 15 in LA, and pop stars like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez stepped out to attend the screening.

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